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  • Grannas Racing 8.8 Rear Kit - Supra / SC300
  • Post author
    Joel Grannas

Grannas Racing 8.8 Rear Kit - Supra / SC300

Grannas Racing 8.8 Ford IRS rear end kit Supra SC300 IS300

Finally, after many revisions to make this the best possible product there can be, the Grannas Racing 8.8 kit is ready for release. If you saw the first prototype you will see that this version is now quite a bit stronger in design. The main crossbeam of the cage now has full length gussets, making the main support a C-channel, which makes it unbelievably strong. So strong in fact, it comes with a lifetime warranty on the mounting assembly.

One of the best features is the ability to retain load bolt functionality. Load bolts are integrated into the aluminum cover and help keep the main bearings on the differential from distorting under hard acceleration. These are a key feature of my setup. I will be posting a video showing the install process later this week which will cover the cover/load bolt install.

I originally developed these 8.8 kits for my GR-Series t56 magnum customer's who crave a shorter gear to better match up to the T56 Magnum's overall gearing. The ideal ratio for a magnum trans is 4.10-4.30.

This kit was also designed for those looking to keep within budgets. I used the 2007-2010 Explorer case since they can be found easily in local junkyards for $150-250 dollars.

Not only budget friendly, the 8.8 offers an impressive amount of gear ratio options, and most ring and pinion sets can be purchased for under $200. Compare that to the cost of a Toyota ring gear and pinion set! I would not even be suprised if the 220mm ring/pinions will be discontinued soon as well. I am probably leaving a bunch out, but here is a quick list of the available ratios for the 8.8 (2.26, 2.47, 2.73, 3.08, 3.27, 3.31, 3.45, 3.55, 3.73, 4.10, 4.30, 4.56, 5.14)

Not suprising, limited slip differentials for the 8.8 are also very affordable. For example, a Detroit true-trac is $450 on summit racing and is known to hold upwards of 800whp. So, with a quality ring and pinion, strong LSD, and a rebuild kit you are under $1000 for a fully built rear that can handle a lot of power.

Now, let's talk axles. I have three options for you!

Stock Modified Axles
These will require you to send in a core. You will need to send in your stock Supra/SC300 axles and we will turn them into Level5 axles. These will use the stock outer axle stub with a stronger main bar, along with Porsche style inner CVs and a set of billet 8.8 stubs making a very strong axle. These will save you around $400 off the Level5 axles.

Level 5 Axles
These require no core. These will use a billet outer axle stub with a stronger main bar, along with Porsche style inner CVs and a set of billet 8.8 stubs making a very strong axle. These are basically the same as the stock modified, we just don't use the stock outer axle stubs.

Pro Axles
These are the strongest axles available. These use a billet outer stub, 30 spline aerospace grade main bars, along with 108mm Porsche style outer and inner CVs and a set of billet 8.8 stubs making a 1200HP capable axle, and carry a one-year warranty. These also include a  set of billet wheel hubs to match the heavier spline outer stubs!

Pictured below are the Stock Modified axles.

Kits are now shipping, with only a short wait on axle production. SHOP NOW




  • Post author
    Joel Grannas