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  • Grannas Racing Ultimate IRS "V2" Rear Subframe Pricing Released
  • Post author
    Joel Grannas

Grannas Racing Ultimate IRS "V2" Rear Subframe Pricing Released

So, I know more than a few of you have been waiting on the Supra tubular subframe pricing information, and we finally have gotten two of the subframes completed and counted up all the time, materials, argon, etc so that I have a good handle on the production costs of these... 

Why did it take so long? Well, these are probably the most intricate and time consuming suspension components a person could try to take on reproducing in tube. After World Cup testing with my car, Precision Chassis revised the design of them to be stronger, while still maintaining an overall weight of only 36 lbs. That is a total savings of 29.2 lbs over the stock stamped steel subframe. The redesign required changing the weld jig as well for the new structure changes. Here is the monster weld jig that was built for this project! Doug at Precision said this was one of the most time consuming projects he has taken on (and you should see the stuff that comes out of that shop! amazing stuff!).

mkiv supra rear tubular crossmember

MKIV Supra JZA80 tubular rear subframe

I try not to get too emotional, but these truly are a piece of art... They take 28 hours of time to put together, and 10 hours alone of welding! Yea, that's half a bottle of argon into one subframe! It takes 20 feet of 4130 chromoly tube and a lot of time bending, trimming, and making all the tabs, gussets, and perfectly fit tubes for this subframe to become the end product.

These will still save around 24 pounds over the stock, while making the rear of the car much stronger and less likely to twist. Combined with a good suspension setup, as well as decent cage, this should make for an amazing IRS combo. These are designed as a drop in replacement for the factory subframe. All factory control arms can be used, as well as any aftermarket control arms will be just as compatible as they are with the factory subframe.

Grannas Racing Tubular Chromoly rear supra subframe

Weld PORN!

Grannas Racing Supra subframe IRS rear suspension ultimate

So why am I telling you this? I am trying to make you understand why the price is where it is. Because this is a very low production unit the costs can not be dropped like they could if I were making 100 of these at a time for a Honda, Camaro, Mustang, etc. Even if I did make 100 of these, the time involved still wouldn't drop, it would only drop my material costs a bit.

So, without further rambling... The bare subframe, 100% complete, uncoated will be $3950 retail. Powder coating will add $200 for a total of $4150. The timeline is about 4 weeks for production. You can purchase the subframe here 

I will also sell it as a package deal with the "Ultimate IRS" lower control arm and hat setup as well. The plan is to make a production run of 10 of these, and I am opening up for deposits now. 

And you might say you don't need this, but look at my stock subframe after a lot of drag racing launches. It was tearing itself apart. I recommend you guys that are drag racing a lot to inspect your subframe for damage. Mine was cracked and tearing itself to pieces!


grannas broken supra rear subframe torn welds

A few more pics:

Supra Rear IRS Subframe tubular chromoly

Supra MKIV JZA80 IRS coilovers subframe tubular ultimate grannas

I am going to get these first two production units powder coated, and take some more pictures. These two units are already sold to some pretty well known Supra drag racers, so I am anxious to see results with this in place!

Here is a picture of the V1 installed on my 6speed Supra. Notice the extra gusseting and heavier tube in the V2 pics above.

installed complete with GR ultimate IRS coilover suspension

Weight comparison stock bare subframe vs bare tubular subframe. 29.2 lbs overall savings is pretty substantial!

lightweight tubular subframe toyota supra mkiv jza80 rear suspension irs grannas racing ultimate


  • Post author
    Joel Grannas