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  • MKIV Supra (JZA80) Differential information
  • Post author
    Joel Grannas

MKIV Supra (JZA80) Differential information

'Big Diff' refers to B0xx-series 220mm ring gear size differential

'Small Diff' refers to A0xx-series 200mm ring gear differential

'Big flange/Small flange' refers to the 3- bolt input flange (aka companion flange) that bolts to the driveshaft. This flange can be changed out on both 200mm and 220mm differentials

Picture: left B-series 220mm "big diff" right A-series 200mm "small diff"

Supra differential mkiv jza80 sc300 gs300 200mm 220mm

US Spec:

1993-1996 A05A 4.272 OPEN
1993-1996 A05B 4.272 LSD
1997-1998 A02A 3.769 OPEN
1993-1996 A02D 3.769 LSD
1993-1998 B07D 3.133 LSD
1997-1998 A01A 4.083 OPEN
1997-1998 A01B 4.083 LSD


SZ (auto/5spd) A01A 4.083 OPEN
SZ (auto/5spd) A01B 4.083 LSD
SZ-R 6speed A02A 3.769 OPEN
SZ-R 6speed A02B 3.769 LSD
RZ Auto / GZ 
A02A 3.769 OPEN
RZ Auto / GZ 
A02B 3.769 LSD
RZ 6speed (93.5-96 V160) B03B 3.266 LSD
RZ / RZ-S 6speed (96.5-02 V161) A03B 3.266 LSD

EURO / GCC (arab) / GEN (general):

1993-1996 Auto EU Spec B04D 3.538 LSD
1993-1996 Austria/Switz Spec B03D 3.266 LSD
1993-1996 EU 6speed B03D 3.266 LSD
1993-1996 GCC NA 5spd B04A 3.538 OPEN
1993-1996 GCC NA 5spd
B04B 3.538 LSD
1993-1996 GCC NA Auto N/A 3.769 N/A
1993-1996 GEN Na 5spd N/A 4.083 N/A


US spec vehicles:

92-00 Lexus SC300 auto---- 4.272:1, open, small diff, small flange

92-97 Lexus SC300 5spd---- 4.083:1, open, small diff, small flange

92-96 Lexus SC400 (auto)---- 3.916:1, open* small diff, small flange

1997 Lexus SC400 (auto) after MC but before going to 5AT trans - 3.916:1, open, small diff, BIG flange. 

98-00 Lexus SC400 (5AT trans, VVTi)---- 3.266:1, open, small diff, big flange

93-95 Lexus GS300 (auto)---- 4.083:1, open, small diff, small flange

96-97 Lexus GS300 (auto)---- 4.272:1, open, small diff, small flange

98-00 Lexus GS300 (auto)---- 3.916:1, open, small diff, small flange (US Market)

98-00 Lexus GS300 (auto)---- 3.615:1, open, small diff, small flange (UK/Europe Market)**

98-00 Lexus GS400 (5AT auto)---- 3.266:1, open, small diff, big flange

02-05 Lexus SC430 (auto)---- 3.266:1, open, small diff, big flange***

06-10 Lexus SC430 (auto)---- 3.769:1, open, small diff, big flange***

I need verification on more of the 00-up Lexus models, anyone with a source of this info PLEASE let me know! 

JDM vehicles: 

91-97 Aristo 3.0V (2JZ-GTE model, auto)---- 3.769:1, LSD optional, small diff, big flange

91-00 Soarer 2.5GT-T (Auto and 5spd?)----- 4.083:1, LSD optional, small diff, small flange

91-97 Soarer 4.0GT (auto) ----- 3.916:1, LSD optional but rare, small diff, big flange




  • Post author
    Joel Grannas