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  • NEVER JAYCO!!! - Seneca 37HJ Toterhome body coming apart !!
  • Post author
    Joel Grannas

NEVER JAYCO!!! - Seneca 37HJ Toterhome body coming apart !!

First, let me start off by saying owning a "toterhome + stacker" has always been a dream of mine. So when I finally got the opportunity to buy one I was crazy excited. I bought this setup earlier this year ( June 2020) so I have not owned it very long at all. We have taken it camping as a family 3-4 times, and I have taken my car to the track once so far. 

Jayco Seneca 37HJ Issues body coming apart peeling broken screws quality

2018.5 Jayco Seneca 37HJ
6.7 Cummins

So, I normally would never do a video like this, but after a phone call with Jayco Customer Service, and asking for escalation of my issues to a manager, and still getting denied... I felt I had to share my experience so far.

When I called them, they told me that even though this motorhome is less than two years old, and has less than 20k miles on it, that they would not honor a warranty because I am not the first owner. They told me that they do not transfer warranty because they can not guarantee the previous owner did proper maintence.... So, I asked them "what could the previous owner have done to keep your motorhome from coming apart!!!" This is not due to lack of maintenance at all, this is due to them having extreme lack of quality control. I asked them "If this is what this coach looks like after only 2 years of light use, what will it look like after 6-10 years"... They had ZERO compassion, zero care, which is super frustrating when this is the biggest investment I have ever made other than my home.

The MAJOR ISSUE I found is the main body panels separating at the front of the coach, where the front fiberglass panels meet the main side panel. This issue was put me over the edge, and was fed up with the quality of this less than 2 year old machine with a retail price of $250,000.

The body completely broke, all of the screws had snapped off. The first thing I noticed was the stripes not lining up, and then I noticed the panels actually separating where the rubber trim strip covers the screws.

Watch the video below to see just how bad of a job Jayco does putting together these "Super C" coaches.

 I would highly recommend avoiding Jayco products. I have heard they were bought out by THOR, and maybe that is when these issues started happening? But either way, they have completely ruined my experience with owning a Super C / Toterhome... 

One thing I can take some solace in is that I know I fixed it probably better than even Jayco would in a warranty situation, probably better than any RV repair place, because knowing it was "my coach" and I wanted to do it 100% right and for sure fixed so it would not happen again. There are many other little issues I have had, like it being underpowered (same motor as my 2500 dodge Ram in a giant rig like this), some interior pieces falling apart, doors on the back closet totally shot out... I mean, I guess that is just stuff to be expected in a 2 year old Jayco product? I can tell you this much, Jayco didn't care at all about taking care of me. That is why this was posted.

  • Post author
    Joel Grannas