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Supra Automatic to 6-Speed Manual Conversion - Part Two

Jay's 40k mile 1997 Supra MKIV was originally an automatic car, but after some Grannas Racing magic it is now swapped to a manual transmission, specifically a GR700 magnum. Here is part two of the video of the swap progress. I hope this helps you guys to get all your ducks in a row to swap from an auto to a manual. Let's make supra's great again!

All of the parts shown in this video I also can provide for your swap. Even the OEM pieces, like clutch pedal, interior panel, and brake pedal.

In part two of the auto-to-manual MKIV Supra swap I will go over the following items:

  • Clutch pedal install (and the manual brake pedal as well - yes it is different)
  • Clutch master cylinder install (Tilton adapter) but also applies to using a stock master.
  • Driveshaft install
  • Wiring a Dakota Digital SGI-5E to translate the T56 Magnum speed sensor to the stock speedometer/odometer
  • Wiring the reverse lights, and neutral safety bypass.
  • Recommended transmission fluid for GR700 (T56 Magnum)

Outside the normal tools that are required:

  1. An angle drill, lowest profile you can find.
  2. 1-3/8" hole saw bit

Here is the video!



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Supra Automatic to 6-Speed Manual Conversion - Part One

A customer recently brought me his beautiful 40k mile 1997 MKIV supra automatic for a GR700 swap and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to document the manual swap process in a 1993-1998 supra. This is the first video in the series, and it will cover the removal of the stock automatic transmission, and install of the GR-Series swap kit.

The removal portion includes removal of the stock auto shifter assembly, removal of driveshaft, torque converter, transmission cooler lines, and flexplate.

The install portion includes modification of the tunnel to fit the 6-speed shifter, installation of my conversion tunnel cover, setting the proper gap for the hydraulic throw out bearing, installing the shifter, trimming the front case of the transmission, modifying the reverse solenoid, and crossmember install.

So, without further delay, here is part one! 


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GR Series Transmission Install: Part 3 - Transmission install

Grannas Racing GR-Series T56 Magnum bolt kit

For part 3 of the T56 magnum swap project we will be installing the bellhousing on the block, doing the quick mod to the tunnel, installing the transmission onto the bellhousing, and then installing the crossmember.

This is a very quick install, but the video will show you all the specifics as far as bolt locations and things to use caution on during the install process.

Grannas Racing GR700 GR900 GR1000 Supra Sc300 IS300

The only remaining steps are bleeding the clutch, installing the driveshaft, and adding fluid to the transmission. I am also going to cover electronics and how to convert the T56 Speed sensor over so that it will work with your stock speedometer. That will all be part of the 4th and final installment of this transmission swap project.


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GR Series Transmission Install: Part 2 - Clutch and Hydraulic Bearing Air Gap

In this episode we will be covering the install of my hybrid 2JZ to T56 FX300 clutch. This will include running a new line from the master cylinder to the hydraulic throw out bearing, as well as getting the air gap correct between the clutch fingers and the throwout bearing.

Air gap is of utmost importance. Too little gap and your bearing will be riding the clutch at all times... This can lead to clutch slippage and premature bearing failure. Too much gap can be just as bad! If there is too much gap, you can over-throw the maximum length of your hydraulic bearing and blow out the seal. When you do this, you will have to rebuild the bearing, and you'll be removing the transmission to do that.

Measuring air gap hydraulic throwout bearing t56 magnum bellhousing

So, measure twice and install once! The video will cover how to measure the block to clutch finger distance as well as the quicktime bellhousing to bearing distance. Then you will add 3mm of distance to the finger measurements, in this case I had a measurement of 61.5mm from block to clutch fingers. Add 3mm for an ideal bellhousing depth measurement of 64.5mm

grannas racing clutch line kit install guide sc300 mkiv supra lexus is300

For the clutch line, I wanted to eliminate any extra adapters and old fittings and ran a new line direct from the master down to the hydraulic bearing. I sell this clutch line kit on my site, which will work with any 10x1.0mm threaded master cylinder (is300, sc300, MKIV supra). The kit includes a 48" -3an braided line, a 10mm banjo bolt, and a banjo to -3an adapter fitting.


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GR Series Transmission Install: Part 1 - T56 Magnum Reverse Lockout Mod

As part of a short series of videos I will be doing a full swap on this Lexus SC300 that is currently in the shop. This series will act as a start-to-finish install guide for my GR-Series Magnum kits. Most of the this install information is also cross-compatible between other car makes and models (like the Supra, IS300, and others).

sc300 t56 magnum swap grannas racing gr700 gr900 gr1000

The video below will guide you through the first part of the install, which is four quick and easy steps:

  1. Install billet plug in mechanical speed sensor hole
  2. Modify the reverse lockout solenoid so we can use reverse without any electronics
  3. Trim the front case of the transmission for clearance in the Supra/SC300/IS300
  4. Install the relocation shifter (Supra/SC300)


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Why the T56 Magnum is better than the V160 and CD009

It seems like the most common question I get is "Why would you go to a T56? I thought the V160 was the best transmission in the world!" And while I usually chuckle, this really is a valid question, and the V160/V161 has proven itself capable in my car as well as many other fast 6-speed cars. Getrag did their homework on that transmission and it is a beast. However, it is older and losing the serviceability battle due to no more factory parts!

But I want to touch on something I really haven't let you guys know about when it comes to the T56 Magnum swap. The Tremec T56 Magnum comes with a 2-year factory warranty direct from the dealer.


    Any stock T56 Magnum I sell comes with a 2-year warranty. If you break it, it goes back to the factory, where it is fully rebuilt and sent back to you. Good luck getting that kind of service for your CD009, V160, or R154. I am also extremely competitive on pricing when it comes to the BIG BOX shops on these transmissions, take a look at my PRICING.

    T56 Magnum GR700 GR900 GR1000 V160 Warranty

    Why T56Magnum?

      1. Replacement parts are readily available. Lots of current production cars are using this transmission.
      2. Tons of aftermarket support, lots of companies building them to be stronger and making parts!
      3. Aftermarket faceplating options
      4. Sequential shifter options!
      5. A faceplated T56 Magnum will cost you less than a G-Force 5-speed (which is only rated at 1000HP by the way!!)

    This solves most if not all the issues that are out there with the current transmission swaps, and it's really affordable.

    V160 Issues

      • The V160 factory replacement parts are no longer available, not even the synchro hubs! So even if you just tear up a synchro on a mis-shift your shit outta luck!
      • There is not really any aftermarket support other than PPG gearsets... and I know a few people who have already broken this $10,000 gearset with big power. 
      • Used V160 transmissions are $5000 and offer no gaurantee on what you get. Brand new transmissions are now discontinued and are up to $8000 dollars!


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