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Grannas Racing

Honda S2000 S2K T56 Magnum-F swap kit (2JZ S2K)

$ 5,879.50

Grannas Racing

Honda S2000 S2K T56 Magnum-F swap kit (2JZ S2K)

$ 5,879.50

$ 5,879.50


Full bolt in T56 Magnum-F swap kit for the Honda S2000 S2K using the full blown 2JZ motor mounts. This kit includes a brand new Tremec T56 Magnum (built to your choice. GR700-GR900-GR1000-GR1000F), Quicktime SFI Steel bell housing, billet shifter relocation, and chromoly transmission mount. Driveshaft and clutch is optional, but recommended to make this an easy bolt-in experience. There is NO CORE charge.

If you add up the cost on all these parts, you will see that I am matching prices with big name speed shops like Summit and Jegs. Not only do I match big box store pricing but I put it all together in a one-stop-shop package deal and also provide you with the little details they don't... like proper hardware and a pilot bearing for the bellhousing, which quicktime doesn't include... I also include a wiring harness that allows you to control the factory speedometer, and update it based on tire size and gear ratio changes. It also automatically unlocks the reverse lockout solenoid! Oh, and did I mention I have actual product support as well? Try calling Summit and asking for help on your T56 Magnum swap!

The stock tremec is rated at 700 ft lbs of torque. Just for comparison, the Getrag is only rated around 500 ft lbs in stock form. These T56 Magnum transmissions are STOUT and will outlast a V160 at high power levels.

I built and tested this kit to be a direct replacement for the Getrag V160. We all know the V160 is a great transmission, but V160 parts have become impossible to find. Rather than risk breaking your transmission and not being able to repair it, I suggest swapping to this setup and put your V160 away for safe keeping. The getrag v160 will continue to gain value as parts become even more scarce.

These transmissions have great aftermarket support, aftermarket gearsets, and parts readily available for when you ruin a synchro or break a gear tooth. 

This is perfectly setup for Honda S2k s2000's who have swapped to 2JZ using the full blown motor mounting kit. The shifter sits perfectly in the factory location.

This bolt-in kit includes:

    • Brand new "stock" T56 MagnumF Transmission
    • Quicktime SFI Steel Bellhousing 
    • Full chromoly transmission crossmember
    • Prothane Polyurethane T56 transmission mount + hardware
    • Billet aluminum shifter, moves the shift point back and places shift point perfectly in tunnel. SEE PIC!
    • Includes wiring pigtail and plug kit
    • Includes bellhousing index/alignment plate
    • Current clutch options are here
      • I recommend the "close ratio" TUET16362 - 2.66, 1.78, 1.30, 1.00, .80, .63 but i can also get this in "wide ratio" TUET16363 - 2.97, 2.10, 1.46, 1.00, .74, .50
      • Driveshafts are available in aluminum and carbon fiber for the stock rear differential.

    All transmission builds are created from brand new stock T56 Magnums, NO USED transmissions EVER. These are then built to your specs. Choose the power level you need. 

    This is a brand new T56 MagnumF direct from the Tremec factory, and I match the big box store prices. You can buy from me and get real experience or try calling the big name stores with your swap tech questions and see what kind of service you get! Read more here: GR700 Transmission

    We take a brand new Magnum-F Trans and give it a 1st thru 4th carbon fiber blocker ring upgrade. Upgraded bronze Fork Pads on all forks. Includes sprayer bung mods which is normally a $150 add-on. This is basically a GR1000 without the cryogenic treatment and rem polishing. Read more here: GR900 Tranmission

    We take a brand new Magnum-F Trans and give it a full REM polishing and Cryogenic treatment of the gear set. We do a 1st thru 4th carbon fiber blocker ring upgrade. Then include upgraded bronze Fork Pads on all forks. Also includes sprayer bung mod and case mods to fit Supra tunnel. Read more here: GR1000 Transmission

    We take a brand new MagnumF Trans and faceplated the 1-4 gears. Includes custom billet shift forks, bronze fork pads, and then we do a cryogenic treatment of the gearset, and then do a rem polishing of the gearset. Read more here: GR1000F Transmission  


    Slight trimming is required in the tunnel on the support brace which is right in front of the shifter hole. See pictures. The tunnel will also require some slight hammering but this is not anywhere near the hammering required for swaps like the CD009.

    I recommend a 3.70 or shorter gear to match up well to the close ratio magnum gearing. More info on gear ratios can be found on this page I created T56 Magnum vs V160.