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Rotary motor T56 Magnum swap kit. For 13B or 20B FD3S RX7

Grannas Racing Rotary (13B/20B) Tremec 56 Magnum Swap Kit

Now available, my 13B/20B rotary kits are the latest additions to my popular lineup of GR-Series transmission kits for import cars. This kit is designed for the Mazda FD3S RX-7 but I do have plans to make a FC3S kit and a FB RX7 kit as well! 

When i first tried to build this kit i discovered the quicktime bell was less than ideal. Their bellhousing was not deep enough for the GM input shaft, and it also had some other fitment issues. I worked with them to make changes and now we have a good bell that fits well.

These kits are designed to be a bolt-in affair, with only minor modifications needed to get the transmission installed. In the video below I try to show how really well this kit fits into the FD3S tunnel. 

These Rotary 13B-20B GR700 transmission kits are available with the highest quality Aluminum or Carbon Fiber driveshafts from the Driveshaft Shop. These shafts include a Sonnax billet 1350 slip yoke. The driveshafts are available for both the stock FD rear as well as those running the Ford 8.8" rear end swaps.

Here is a video overview of the first kit installed in my personal 13B engine FD Rx-7.

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BRZ and FRS Ford 8.8" Rear end swap kit - complete install guide


The Ford 8.8 is the strongest rear end option for the Subaru BR-Z and Scion FR-S


Grannas Racing is pleased to show you the lastest 8.8" Ford rear end swap kits available now for the Toyota 86 chassis.

These kits are comprised of The Driveshaft Shop axles, which include billet 110mm inner 8.8 stubs as well as the Grannas mounting kit for the IRS 8.8 rear. These rears come in two types in oem applications, an aluminum case and a cast iron case. The aluminum case can be found in the mustang cobra as well as lincoln mark viii, and the stronger, more rare iron case can be found in the 89-95 Ford Thunderbird.

Subaru BRZ Scion FRS Toyota GT86 Ford 8.8 IRS rear end swap kit

For drag and applications making extreme horsepower I recommend the thunderbird case (pictured above). It will run a little hotter due to less heat dissipation, but should not be really any worse than the stock rear, as they are also an iron case.

The Grannas kit uses a girdle that fits over the rear cover, which not only allows easy adaptation of the 8.8 case into the rear subframe mounting locations, but also adds strength to the case itself by reinforcing and keeping the case from spreading under heavy load. I use this same style cage on all of my kits, also available for the MKIV Toyota Supra, Lexus SC300/SC400, Lexus GS300/GS400, and Lexus IS300. It has been tested, and proven to hold lots of power.

The kit is now available for purchase. You can choose to build the rear diff yourself or have us build it for you to your specs.

If you are looking to build the rear yourself I also carry all the parts needed to do your rebuild, like the Truetrac LSD, ring & pinion gears, and master rebuild kits for both cobra/thunderbird cases and explorer cases.

Let me know if you have questions or need recommendations on a gear ratio for your setup. I would be happy to help you get you with the most ideal combination possible. Use email through my contact form, email is my preferred method of contact as I am normally working on many projects at once.

Here is the youtube video of the complete install: 

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Grannas Racing Tax Refund Sale 2019

For the 2019 Tax sale I am offering special deals on transmission + clutch packages as well as additional discounts for rear end swaps (GR8.8 and DSS 9" kits). 

This is by far the best deal I have ever offered on my transmission kit packages to date. There will not be anything even remotely close until next years tax sale. This year, I am offering $650 in free parts when you buy a GR700 kit + any clutch.

Offer Details:

With any full 2JZ based Transmission kit and clutch purchase you will recieve $600 in free parts. Those parts include:

  1. Tilton master cylinder kit w/ billet adapter
  2. Billet 26 Spline clutch alignment tool
  3. Dakota Digital SGI-5E speedometer converter
  4. Clutch line kit for Tilton master cylinder to your clutch
  5. Your choice of shift knob: Leather OEM Supra Style T56 knob or Tremec shift knob with shift knob cone for a OEM like fitment of the shift boot.
  6. Grannas Racing T-Shirt
  7. Grannas Racing Flexfit Hat

I will not be doing a "coupon code" for this deal, as it is only free merchandise. Any order placed through my website that includes a clutch + transmission package with driveshaft will automatically get these items. I do prefer you contact me rather than ordering from my site, as I would like to discuss your car and make sure I am giving you everything you will or will not need. Use the link below, let's discuss your project!

If you have special requirements, like having me do an install, or if you are doing a complete auto-to-manual swap and need all the OEM parts along with the transmission, or want a quote on more than just a trans kit + clutch, then please use the contact form below.

I am also offering special labor pricing on in-house swaps, UP TO $500 OFF my Supra/SC300 8.8 rear end kits (when bought with a differential), and discounts on bundled DSS 9" kits.

Have questions or want a special quote with everything you will need? Use the contact form here, email direct


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Orange and carbon fiber MKIV Supra drag chassis - what 6speed Dreams are made of...

"It was all a dream, I used to read TURBO magazine".... this car is my dream 6speed setup (GR1000F transmission), and it's about to come to life. A lot of my time, my chassis builder's time, and a lot of my money has been sunk into this car.

What I really like though, is that my R&D has resulted in some really cool products for the Supra crowd. My racing program helps test and prove the products I sell. The profits I make from selling fellow supra owners parts goes right back into this car and creating more and more products for the MKIV Supra community.

But, let's talk ORANGE!!! The Project H-Pattern Supra is painted, and I test fit all the carbon fiber panels. Unfortunately, much of the orange is hidden now, which I knew going in, so I knew the orange would actually turn out to be less of the primary color for the car. I originally was going to paint the car dark charcoal to blend with the carbon, but felt it was not unique enough.

Grannas Racing Orange Supra MKIV JZA80 6SPEED

So, right now I am not as much of a fan of how the car looks, as I love the orange color but most of it is now covered up with carbon fiber... but I am limited on time, so this is how it will appear at World Cup Finals - Import vs Domestic in Maryland late October. But I think a halloween themed Supra is kind of fitting for a October 31st start date at World Cup Finals. I may revisit the paint later...

Grannas Racing Orange Supra MKIV jza80 t56magnum swap gr1000F

As far as the body mods, I am using my GR carbon front bumper (with side ducts shaved - center open) and Seibon hood, hatch, and fenders. The doors are made by Ultra-Carbon. The paint is the Dodge Challenger orange with some gold pearl added for color shift in the light. Trying to get a little close to the Lambo orange color, but the paint was 3 stage and expensive. No time or money for that right now.

Here is a picture of my Ultimate IRS Subframe & suspension setup powdercoated orange to match the car. Big thanks to Anthony Albrano for the powdercoating work on this piece. It turned out beautiful.

Grannas Racing tubular supra subframe ultimate irs coilover double adjustable suspension mkiv jza80

The cage and interior I actually used sprayed myself using cans of satin black. It turned out really nice and will be easy to touch up in the future. 

Here are some more pics of the cage and almost final version of the car. 

Grannas Racing 6speed supra orange carbon fiber t56 magnum swap

grannas racing 6speed chassis supra cage chromoly precision chassis

Grannas racing 6speed supra mkiv jza80 chassis tube frame chromoly precision chassis

Here is a shot of the car naked up front. The chassis looks killer underneath the carbon nose. Big thanks to DJ Hoover for powdercoating the little detail pieces which make the car look like a million bucks. 

Grannas Racing Supra strange spindle mount front suspension

My son Elijah is a big fan of the color!

Elijah Grannas - Grannas Racing Supra 6speed Joel Grannas

Big thanks to Andrew Long for the paint work, I setup a paint booth in my shop with plastic walls which allowed us to get this project done quickly. Andrew and I both spent long nights working on this thing so I appreciate his help to get this done in a short timeline.

grannas racing orange mkiv supra carbon fiber hatch 6speed

grannas racing supra mkiv supra 6speed t56 t56magnum gr1000f gr700

My new motor will be the next update, and it will be an update you don't wanna miss... trust me on that :) Once the motor is in, along with everything else, I'll see the final weight of the car, which I am also anxious to know. My guess is it should be around 250lbs lighter than my white car.

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Project H-Pattern is home. Pics of rear fender mods, and next step turbo setup!

Project H-Pattern has finally arrived home after a long stay at Precision Chassis! I am happy to have my car back and ready to start taking the next steps to try and get this car ready for World Cup. There is a lot to do yet, so I am nervous, but that is goal #1 -- have this car World Cup READY.

project hpattern supra grannas racing 6speed v160 t56 magnum dogbox gr1000f

The car was actually finished about 10 days ago, but I had asked Doug @ Precision Chassis if he knew anyone that could help with getting the rear fenders widened to allow the car to fit the 10.5W tire. That was the major piece of body work that needed done, and I was having trouble finding anyone locally to me.

On my last car, the previous owner Darin had the fenders pulled out to gain tire clearance, which made a big difference with allowing a "big tire" to fit. So, on this car, I knew I wanted the same setup, but maybe even taken even a little bit further.

On the stock rear fender their is a 2" flat lip body line that runs around the fender. This has been removed and instead the curve of the body follows out to the tip of the fender arch. To someone who is not really familiar with these cars it would go unnoticed. That is what I wanted, subtle and clean. One of Doug's acquaintances did this body work... I only know him as "Brooke" but DAMN did he do a killer job on these rear fenders. And not only that, but he fixed up the nastiness on the drivers rear quarter as well.

Here is a before pic of the rear fenders/quarters. They were rough!!

So not only did Brooke widen the rear fender arches, but he also finished filling the gas lid, and fixing all the ugliness in these rear quarter panels. He did an amazing job! Here is the final product.

That is a 15x10.5W tire on there, as you can see... lots of clearance!

It is very subtle, yet probably adds almost 1/2" of tire clearance.

Passenger Side

So, along with the external body modifications to the rear fenders, the inner fenders were also adjusted accordingly. The sheetmetal work that Doug & his team did at Precision is just amazing. The welds on this car are "weldporn" quality EVERYWHERE, and the tube work and metal work is all just one large piece of art.

Here are the rear inner fender mods.

supra mkiv mini tub inner rear fender tubbed

jza80 supra rear fender inner tub tubjob tubbing mkiv chassis

The attention to detail is unbelievable. Check out the rear bumper mounting/support structure.

MKIV supra rear bumper drag chassis mkiv jza80

So, what is next? Turbo setup and paint.

project hpattern six speed supra grannas racing 

Stay tuned for more updates! 

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Grannas Racing Adjustable release bearing for the V160 - V161 getting rave reviews

It's not a suprise to me that people are really like this product. I have sold quite a few of these now, and people are starting to notice. I have been running the tilton hydraulic bearings for about 8 years now, and I love the quality of these units. They do make a bearing that is specific to their clutches, but they do not make a "universal" bearing for the Getrag V160/V161 transmission. That is where I come in, I machine one of the other universal bearing mounts down to fit the V160 perfectly. 

I can set this bearing up for almost any PUSH style clutch. All I need from you is the diameter of the hole in the center of your clutch/pressure plate finger area. That way I can provide you with the proper face bearing.

If you are running an OS GIKEN clutch with the alteration kit, prepare to be amazed. These bearings are a night and day difference from that kit, and provide a stock like pedal feel, whereas all of the alteration kits I have driven felt like an on-off switch with very little window of travel at the engagement point.

Check out what my customers are saying:


And I just did a new video showing how to easily measure, and setup air gap with this bearing setup. I have already done a few other videos on this topic, but those were on T56Magnums, where the bellhousing is removable. This is showing how to do it with a bellhousing that is permanently attached to the transmission. 

Let me know if you have any questions. Here is the video of the OS Giken install plus air gap tech.


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Tech - Modifying 2JZ-GTE valve covers for AN fittings, removing baffles

I decided to make a video on how to modify a set of MKIV Supra 2JZ-GTE valve covers for use with a catch can since I really didn't see any other videos out there on this topic.

2JZ-GTE baffles removed modified valve covers supra an fittings catch can

The GTE valve covers have permanently attached baffles. The hardware used from the factory is rivets, so the baffles are much more difficult to remove than the 1JZ and 2JZ-GE valve covers which come with bolts from the factory... but this can easily be changed to a more serviceable setup by drilling out the rivets and drilling and tapping thread into the covers. This is the cleanest way to do it, and make the covers serviceable in the future as well.

In this video I show how to remove the baffles, weld on AN fittings, drill and tap the covers for bolts, and clean up after you get them back from powder-coating as these will have to be sandblasted also... so you need to make sure to remove all that sand and sand residue.

Now offering this as a product/service if you want to send in your covers:

Catch-Can Ready 2JZ-GTE Valve Covers

Hope you find this useful... and please don't forget to subscribe to my channel for more tech vids.

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Grannas Racing Ford 8.8" Rear Conversion Kit Install - tech info on 8.8 case differences

I put together a comprehensive youtube video outlining the differences between the three most desirable Ford 8.8" IRS differential cases along with the assembly and install process of one of my Subaru BRZ / Scion FRS / Lexus IS300 Ford 8.8 Conversion kits.

The three cases I cover in the video are the 2007-2010 Explorer aluminum case, the 1989-1997 Ford Thunderbird Iron case, and the 1999-2004 Mustang Cobra case which can also be found in the 1993-1997 Lincoln Mark 8 VIII. I keep quite a bit of cores on hand, as my 8.8 kits are starting to become quite popular. 

Ford 8.8 IRS Case differences

The install covers everything from setting up the load bolts, proper gear oil/fluid, installing the girdle/cage setup, bolting on the front mount, installing the Driveshaft Shop billet 8.8 stubs, and then the simple process of putting it all in the car once it is assembled.

These 8.8 kits are available for the BRZ - FRS, the Lexus IS300 - IS200 -Altezza, as well as the MKIV Toyota Supra / Lexus SC300. The install process is the same other than the Supra uses a more simple "straight bar" front mount assembly.

Subaru BRZ Scion FRS Lexus IS300 Ford 8.8 Rear end differential swap kit

So without further talk, here is the youtube video. ALSO! Don't forget to subscribe to my channel

I will be doing more and more of these "tech" style videos in the future. Next on my "tech video" agenda is a comparison between LS/Fbody T56's, the TR6060, and the T56 Magnum. It will be a good one, so please subscribe for updates! I also will be posting video of the new car and racing videos this coming season. 

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Announcing NEW Ford 8.8" rear end kits - Toyota GT86 - Scion FRS - Subaru BRZ

So, I have been super busy developing two new offerings in the Ford IRS 8.8" lineup. In addition to the MKIV Supra 8.8" kit I am now offering kits for the Lexus IS300 (altezza/is200) as well as the Toyota GT86 (Subaru BRZ / Scion FRS).

Grannas Racing 8.8 swap kit Lexus IS300 IS200 Altezza Subaru BRZ Scion FRS Toyota GT86

These kits require no welding, and bolt right in to replace the factory rear setup. The 8.8 swap kits include a front mount, rear cage/girdle, aluminum cover with integrated load bolts, DSS Level 5 axles, and billet 31 spline 8.8 stubs. These are available as complete kit with a completely rebuilt 8.8 rear end built by me, or you can build one yourself from a junkyard core. All of my built rears come with gear ratio of choice, along with a truetrac LSD, and are setup for high horsepower applications in mind.

One of the advantages to the Grannas Racing kit design is the fact that the rear cage allows you to easily setup the load bolts for the bearing main caps. One of the weak points in the 8.8 is that on hard acceleration/launch the bearing housing can egg-shape which will cause failure of the bearing. The load bolts support the rear caps and keep this from happening. Not only does that add reliability and strength, but the cage design actually acts as a girdle for the entire 8.8 case/pumpkin and adds quite a bit of strength over a standard 8.8 rear setup. The rear cage and front mount also come with a lifetime warranty! I am confident they will hold whatever you throw at them!

The Ford 8.8 is widely used and regarded as a great bang for your buck rear end. It has many many gear options available, which makes it not only very affordable, but also very flexible for racing use! 

These kits work with the smaller 8.8 IRS case, which can be found in the Terminator mustang cobras, the 93-97 Lincoln Mark VIII, and the 89-97 Ford Thunderbird (IRON CASE).  I chose this case because they are smaller and will fit in the tight subframe of the IS300/BRZ/FRS! These junkyard rear diffs can be found at your local junkyard for $100-250.

Here are some pictures of the IS300 Kit:

More pics of the IS300 kit are on the product page which show th


Here are some pictures of the GT86 / BRZ / FRS kit:

More pictures and info are available on the GT86 Ford 8.8 swap kit product page.

The IS300 and the BRZ / FRS share the same OEM rear differential, so these kits are very similar. The only differences are the axle lengths, and the subframe on the GT86 does require some minor trimming for the rear cage mount to fit properly. This is a 5 minute modification and does not cause any negative effects to chassis/suspension rigidity.

How-To video of install coming soon! Any questions contact me here

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A Ban on Street Legal race cars? Could it really happen?

Not to get all political on you guys, but when I keep hearing about recent gun control arguments here in the USA and I hear people say "no one needs a gun like that"... I keep thinking to myself, what if people started saying "no one needs a car that fast". That is a VERY scary thought. We all love our fast cars!

We car enthusiasts are the minority, and it might be hard to NOT think like a car guy... Most people don't think like us, they only buy a car to get them to and from work, or to haul around their kids. It's a tool for most people, where gear-heads cars are a way of life. We are always thinking how we can make them look better, or go faster. Our cars can become an extension of ourselves, almost a religion.

So, what if the minority of abusers could ruin in for the rest of us? A few criminals are causing the majority of law-abiding people owners to lose their guns, what if street racers or other street shenanigans like drifting could get our cars banned from the streets. Street racing is a problem, and does cause a small amount of deaths each year, but overall it is a very very tiny percentage. However, it is not all that far fetched to think that these deaths could lead to legislation.

The AR-15 that is all over the news causes a tiny percentage of overall gun deaths... So, if you take that same thinking and apply it to cars, it could be a big problem for us one day. In fact we have already seen the government try to take away our race cars. In 2016, the EPA trying to introduce legislation that would make it illegal for anyone to turn a road legal street car into a race vehicle. You can read about that here.

Let's just hope nothing like this ever happens, but it's something to keep in mind.

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