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  • Grannas Racing Supra / SC300 Ford 8.8 rear install guide with video
  • Post author
    Joel Grannas

Grannas Racing Supra / SC300 Ford 8.8 rear install guide with video

In this video I will walk you through the install of the my 8.8 mount kit for the MKIV Supra / Lexus SC300.

This kit is a relatively simple and fast install, but there is a process to doing the load bolts which is very important. One of the advantages to my kit is the use and ease of access to install the load bolts, which provide extra strength for these 8.8 differentials. The load bolts basically keep the main bearing caps from stretching and causing uneven wear and premature failure of the bearings. They also improve the overall strength of the case and rear as a whole.

For more information check out Grannas Racing Supra 8.8 Rear Differential Kit

Here is a short written guide on the install process:

  1. Clean the case flange where the cover will attach
  2. Remove the load bolts from the cover. Apply some sealant to the threads on the load bolts (You can use RTV/Silicone).
  3. Reinstall the load bolts, but this time back them all the way out so they will not hit the main caps when installing the cover.
  4. Use four of the silver bolts to attach the cover to the case (this is temporary, do not use any sealant yet!) You will put two bolts on the left 9 o'clock position, and the other two bolts at the right 3 o'clock position. Tighten these bolts down to 25 ft lbs. making sure the load bolts are free and clear
  5. Spin the load bolts down until they hit the main caps, and lightly tighten these 5-10 ft lbs. After you hand tighten the allen bolts, use a 3/4" socket and tighten down the locking nuts. You do not want too much pressure on the main caps, it can lead to premature bearing wear.
  6. Now your cover is completely ready for final installation. Remove the 4 silver bolts and pull the cover back off.
  7. Apply sealant to the 8.8 rear case, and stack the rear cage on top of the cover, and use the longer black socket head bolts to attach the cover and cage all at once. Start the threads on all 10 bolts before tightening. These do not require a crazy about of torque, 25-30 ft lbs will do.
  8. The front mount install is very simple. The two 4" long bolts will pass down through the two center holes in the mount. The bolt should have one fender washer on the top side. On the bottom side the two thick washers go on first, then the fender washer, then the lock washer. Tighten these down and the rear is ready for install.
  9. Install the rear in the same fashion you would install the stock differential, the only difference being you will use nuts in the rear rather than bolts passing through the bushings.
  10. Don't forget to install the 8.8 stubs with a rubber mallet, and also don't forget to fill the rear with fluid!


  • Post author
    Joel Grannas