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  • Project H-Pattern is home. Pics of rear fender mods, and next step turbo setup!
  • Post author
    Joel Grannas

Project H-Pattern is home. Pics of rear fender mods, and next step turbo setup!

Project H-Pattern has finally arrived home after a long stay at Precision Chassis! I am happy to have my car back and ready to start taking the next steps to try and get this car ready for World Cup. There is a lot to do yet, so I am nervous, but that is goal #1 -- have this car World Cup READY.

project hpattern supra grannas racing 6speed v160 t56 magnum dogbox gr1000f

The car was actually finished about 10 days ago, but I had asked Doug @ Precision Chassis if he knew anyone that could help with getting the rear fenders widened to allow the car to fit the 10.5W tire. That was the major piece of body work that needed done, and I was having trouble finding anyone locally to me.

On my last car, the previous owner Darin had the fenders pulled out to gain tire clearance, which made a big difference with allowing a "big tire" to fit. So, on this car, I knew I wanted the same setup, but maybe even taken even a little bit further.

On the stock rear fender their is a 2" flat lip body line that runs around the fender. This has been removed and instead the curve of the body follows out to the tip of the fender arch. To someone who is not really familiar with these cars it would go unnoticed. That is what I wanted, subtle and clean. One of Doug's acquaintances did this body work... I only know him as "Brooke" but DAMN did he do a killer job on these rear fenders. And not only that, but he fixed up the nastiness on the drivers rear quarter as well.

Here is a before pic of the rear fenders/quarters. They were rough!!

So not only did Brooke widen the rear fender arches, but he also finished filling the gas lid, and fixing all the ugliness in these rear quarter panels. He did an amazing job! Here is the final product.

That is a 15x10.5W tire on there, as you can see... lots of clearance!

It is very subtle, yet probably adds almost 1/2" of tire clearance.

Passenger Side

So, along with the external body modifications to the rear fenders, the inner fenders were also adjusted accordingly. The sheetmetal work that Doug & his team did at Precision is just amazing. The welds on this car are "weldporn" quality EVERYWHERE, and the tube work and metal work is all just one large piece of art.

Here are the rear inner fender mods.

supra mkiv mini tub inner rear fender tubbed

jza80 supra rear fender inner tub tubjob tubbing mkiv chassis

The attention to detail is unbelievable. Check out the rear bumper mounting/support structure.

MKIV supra rear bumper drag chassis mkiv jza80

So, what is next? Turbo setup and paint.

project hpattern six speed supra grannas racing 

Stay tuned for more updates! 

  • Post author
    Joel Grannas