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  • Tremec T56 Magnum-F is NOW AVAILABLE!! (The F is for Fbody)
  • Post author
    Joel Grannas

Tremec T56 Magnum-F is NOW AVAILABLE!! (The F is for Fbody)


I have been waiting for this day for a LONGG time. Tremec has been working on the Magnum-F 6speed transmission for over 5 years, and today is the day they finally released it to the public. I have been trying to keep this hush for far too long!!!

I also put an order in for 100 of these units over 6 months ago, basically as soon as I heard they were going to be available, I pulled the trigger. I KNEW they would be a game changer for my customers, and also knew they would be highly desirable in other markets like the Fbody camaro, and LS swap crowd. The F in Magnum-F stand for F-body, as in F-body Camaro... the OEM transmission where this tail case was sourced.

Want to buy a bare Magnum-F? I have limited quantities READY TO SHIP, with 100+ more units on the way soon!

This exact transmission setup is what I always wanted to use in my GR-series transmission kits, but the cost to machine the existing magnum and turn it into an F-body Magnum was just too high. For example, to do this custom, most shops are charging $800-$1000 on top of the price of the magnum transmission alone. The shifter was the better route, but I knew when this day arrived, it would be time to make the change!

So now we have the Tremec MAGNUM-F. This is a Tremec built transmission direct from the factory setup with the LS/Borg Warner tailcase. You might say, so big deal, it is just a tailcase swap! While that may be true, it really is just a different tailcase... the work to actually do it is not so simple... and not cheap, so having this option available is a BIG deal. 

But why is it a big deal? Well, the current option with the regular magnum trans required using a relocation shifter to get the shift point back where it would fit in most of the kits I sell. This required more investment into an already expensive transmission. So, it is a WIN-WIN for us. We don't have to buy a shifter, and it saves us money, AND it shifts better. Less moving parts, less chance for leaks, and a direct connection to the shift linkage.

I would say that 75% of the magnums I sell came with the Billet Sikky relocation shifter. So this will make most of my products end up being more affordable, more reliable, and better overall due to better shift feel. This transmission will not even require a relocation shifter for chassis like the IS300, pre-1995 SC300's, and 240SX's. The MK3 Supra will still need to use the regular magnum due to the mechanical speedo output, but not only that but the regular magnums shifter fits dead center in the MK3 tunnel. All of the other kits will require a slight offset lever or handle. The Grannas Racing kits for MK4 Supra, 300ZX, GS300, 1995+ SC300, FD3S RX7 (2JZ swapped), Honda S2000 (2JZ swapped) will all use this new F-body tailcase magnum.

Check out the video below and my reaction to the shift feel. It is a long, but WORTH IT! Lots of good information to digest... I compare the transmission to the TR6060, the LS T56, The regular magnum, and Magnum XL.

Also PLEASE subscribe to my youtube channel for future videos. I have some awesome stuff planned for my channel in the next few months!

  • Post author
    Joel Grannas