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  • Ultra Carbon - Carbon Fiber doors for the MKIV Supra
  • Post author
    Joel Grannas

Ultra Carbon - Carbon Fiber doors for the MKIV Supra

As part of preperations being made to fit into the Wild Street class at World Cup Finals in November, I give you WCF Prep Part 2. Carbon Fiber door install!

I installed these Ultra-Carbon brand carbon fiber doors yesterday and today, and MAN are they awesome! When you get these doors they are solid panels of carbon, both inside and out, with no holes for the handle etc. Basically a beautiful quality door setup for racing. However, I wanted to have them be more like a stock door, so I started to trim out all the areas needed to make the factory components fit.

Joel Grannas Supra Carbon Fiber Doors bumper

The great thing is, the panels have indicators to let you know where all the factory holes should be drilled and/or cut out. It did take a lot of work to drill and cut out all the factory holes to make them work like a factory style door, but man was the time put in worth it. They also fit really well.

Carbon Fiber Supra Door mkiv ultra carbon

But most important... Check out the weight difference! The picture of the white factory door has the door support bar removed, so probably add 3-5 more lbs to that number. So probably around 60# for a factory door with glass, window motor/regulater, and no door skin. The carbon door WITH glass, factory handle, no door skin, 25# - 35# savings over a factory door in a "race" setup. With motor, window frame, etc you might add back in another 5-7 lbs.

STOCK DOOR (everything in it but the crash bar, so add 3-5# to this number for a totally stock door). Roughly 60# for factory door without the door panel. 
Factory door vs carbon fiber door mkiv supra

ULTRA CARBON DOOR (with factory glass, factory handles, latch assembly, inner door handle)
Grannas Racing Carbon Fiber Supra Doors Ultra Carbon

So, basically for my car, I am saving about 70 pounds total by swapping on these doors. If I do lexan in the future, it should save even more.

The way I did both my windows for the time being is just tacked the regulator in place and the windows will not be able to be put down. Not really a fan of this approach, but I have limited time to work on personal stuff right now. Eventually these doors will probably have lexan windows with frames, and will be moved over to the new car. Thanks to Bob for helping me all weekend. This was a 2-day job, hands are still itching! Thanks GREG @ Ultra Carbon for making these!

I have a few other surprises coming for the white car, so stay tuned! The setup this year motor wise will be the same as last year, just a bigger 88mm turbo to fit into the Wild Street class at World Cup Finals. I will be running my GR1000F 6-speed, which is a faceplated T56 Magnum Swap transmission. Don't miss the baddest drag racing event there is, come to Maryland Nov 1st-5th.

2jz supra carbon fiber doors

  • Post author
    Joel Grannas