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Grannas Racing

Ford 8.8" Rear End - Differential Swap Kit for Subaru BRZ, Scion FRS (FT86)

$ 3,662.75

Grannas Racing

Ford 8.8" Rear End - Differential Swap Kit for Subaru BRZ, Scion FRS (FT86)

$ 3,662.75

$ 3,662.75


Full 8.8" Ford rear end / IRS differential bolt in kit for the Toyota FT86 platform (Subaru BR-Z, Scion FR-S).

Different from all the other 8.8 kits out there, we designed this kit around the use of main cap load bolts, which are integrated into the aluminum diff cover that comes with my kit. These load bolts provide support for the main bearing caps in the rear, for dramatically increased strength on hard acceleration. This is a very important part of these 8.8 rears when it comes to high horsepower applications. The rear mounting "cage" was designed specifically to allow easy access to these load bolts, while still allowing for a full bolt in kit.

Watch my video on the install below to see how the load bolts work.

The Ford 8.8 is widely used and regarded as a great bang for your buck rear end. It has many many gear options available, which makes it not only very affordable, but also very flexible!

This BR-Z / FR-S / FT86 8.8 rear end kit will ONLY work with the smaller Cobra / Thunderbird / Lincoln Mark VIII Rear end 8.8 IRS case. I chose this case because they are the most compact and can fit in the subframe without issue! These junkyard rear diffs can be found at your local junkyard for $250-300. Pretty cool, right??!! This kit will allow you to bolt in this strong, affordable rear end kit into your Subaru BRZ, Scion FRS, or FT86. The kit is 100% bolt in, and used your factory rear subframe mounting holes. The rear cage and front mount also come with a lifetime warranty! I am confident they will hold whatever you throw at them! 

There is only one axle options available for my kit. If you need an 8.8, you need the PRO axles :) 

These are the best quality out there, built by Driveshaft Shop. These Pro level upgraded billet wheel hub along with the bearing assembly, so it is an easy bolt in replacement. These are good for around 1000hp. These also come with a billet inner stubs for the 8.8 rear. You will need to swap over your ABS sensor rings to the new axles.

The Grannas Racing FRS / BRZ / FT86 8.8 Kit Includes:

  1. Low Profile Cast aluminum rear diff cover
  2. Fabricated rear cage mount
  3. Fabricated front crossmember mount
  4. All hardware required for installation
  5. Customer will need to find a cobra / thunderbird / mark 8 diff at local junkyard, usually these go for $150-250. I can also build a diff to suit your needs.

Axles and driveshafts are normally a 2-4 week wait time. Aluminum or Carbon Fiber driveshafts can be made for any transmission combination. Just let me know what chassis and what transmission combo you are running in the order notes! 

You can have a local shop mustang/domestic shop build your junkyard 8.8, or you can have me build you one to your specs. In the dropdown options, you can select a GR built rear which includes a Truetrac LSD, and gear ratio of your choice, and all new bearings and seals, it also includes me sourcing the differential case. For ring and pinion, in V160 cars I recommend a 3.25 gear, for the T56 Magnum / GR series transmissions I recommend 4.10 to 4.30 gearing. Please note there is a 3-4 week build time on the 8.8 rear ends.

Check out the pictures to see the stacking order for the front mount hardware.

Please note: The stock FRS/BRZ/GT86 subframe will need trimmed slightly on the Left-Hand side mount (two bolt side) in order to fit the rear mounting cage assembly. This will not effect any chassis or subframe rigidity. Please see pictures for details, and a downloadable PDF template is also available to help with the trimming work.


With the ultra-low profile cover you only use 1.7 quarts of fluid. I recommend Lucas brand 85-140 gear oil. 

I also recommend that you run a small breather/catch can (10oz or so) off the breather nipple on the rear cover. Even tho we install a baffle on the super low profile cover, the fluid tends to get very whipped up inside the case. The velocity tends to spit fluid out of the breather even with a long line attached. Therefore, I recommend a small breather/can with an inlet in the bottom and a breather on the top that way the fluid can drain back into the diff after running, and you won't lose any fluid out of the system this way.