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Grannas Racing

Ford 8.8" Rear End Swap Kit for Honda S2000 S2K

$ 2,869.25

Grannas Racing

Ford 8.8" Rear End Swap Kit for Honda S2000 S2K

$ 2,869.25

$ 2,869.25

Different from all the other 8.8 kits out there, this kit will allow you to fit the three common Ford 8.8" differential cases. You can run the Explorer (2007-2010), the Thunderbird (1989-1995) or the Cobra/MK8 aluminum case with this kit.

Also, different from all other kits, I designed this kit to brace off the upper tubing of the S2K rear subframe rather than using the normal front mounting locations. The oem front locations are a point of weakness and allow flex/twist since they sit out in front of the actual front of the diff. The front mount designed will not allow any flex or distortion under load. I am confident that this is the best and strongest design out there, but also I designed it to be VERY SIMPLE in construction which makes it more affordable as well!

This kit is a BOLT-IN setup, no welding or any fabrication needed!

The Ford 8.8 is widely used and regarded as a great bang for your buck rear end. It has many many gear options available, which makes it not only very affordable, but also very flexible! 

This ford 8.8 kit will work with a 2007-2010 Ford Explorer 8.8 IRS case or 1989-1995 Ford thunderbird 8.8" (IRON CASE) or aluminum Cobra case. However, the Cobra case is not recommended, as this is the weakest case. I recommend the Iron case for super high horsepower applications (1000+HP). You will need to purchase a OEM explorer rear cover if you go with the Tbird case, as the OEM T-bird case is a different style.

This kit will allow you to bolt in this strong, smooth operating, affordable rear end kit into your Honda S2000. The kit is 100% bolt in, and used your factory rear subframe mounting holes. The rear cage and front mount also come with a lifetime warranty! I am confident they will hold whatever you throw at them!

There are two options for axles. All axles INCLUDE the billet inner 8.8 stubs that install into the differential.

Level 5 Axles:
The first option are the Driveshaft Shop Level 5 axles, which have a bolt-in billet outer stub that will bolt-in to your factory wheel hubs. These are good for around 500hp.

PRO Axles:
The heavy hitter option is the Driveshaft Shop Pro-Level 1000HP axles, which include a heavier bar and also upgraded outer wheel hubs. The hub is a weak link for cars over 500HP so if your making power you need these.

The Grannas Racing 8.8 Kit Includes:

  1. Biller rear mount (uses factory bushing hardware - see part numbers below)
  2. Fabricated front crossmember mount
  3. All hardware required for installation
  4. Customer will need to find 2007-2010 Ford Explorer diff at local junkyard, usually these go for $130-250. OR I can secure a pumpkin and build a diff to suit your needs.

Axles are normally in stock. Aluminum or Carbon Fiber driveshafts can be made for any transmission combination. Just let me know what transmission combo you are running in the order notes! 

You can have a local shop mustang/domestic shop build your junkyard 8.8, or you can have me build you one to your specs. In the dropdown options, you can select a GR built rear which includes an Truetrac LSD, and gear ratio of your choice, and all new bearings and seals, it also includes me sourcing the core pumpkin/case. For  T56 Magnum / GR series transmissions I recommend 4.10 to 4.30 gearing. Core costs are higher on the TBIRD differentials as they are becoming very scarce.


Capacity is 2 quarts of gear oil. I recommend Lucas brand 85-140 gear oil. 
  1. If you are using an explorer differential in your build, then you are good to go. If you are planning on using a tbird or cobra rear, then you will need to source a factory rear cover from an explorer differential. If you cannot find one, i normally have them here and can provide one for $50.
  2. You will need the factory rear differential mounting bolts with washers and nuts. See Honda part numbers below.
  3. You will need to trim the top "nubs" on the explorer case (see picture)

If you do not have the factory rear bushing hardware here is part numbers. You will need two of each:

  1. bolts 90133-S2A-000 
  2. washers 90504-SR3-010
  3. nuts 90372-SR3-003

I also recommend that you run a small breather/catch can (10oz or so) off the breather nipple on the rear cover. I recommend a small breather/can with an inlet in the bottom and a breather on the top that way the fluid can drain back into the diff after running, and you won't lose any fluid out of the system this way.