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Grannas Racing

MKIV Supra T56 Magnum-F swap kit JZA80 2JZ

$ 2,037.85

Grannas Racing

MKIV Supra T56 Magnum-F swap kit JZA80 2JZ

$ 2,037.85

$ 2,037.85



This kit is perfectly setup for a 1993-1998 Toyota Supra. The shifter sits dead center in the factory location.

The GR "A" kit is the street car version of the full bolt in T56 Magnum-F swap kit for the MKIV Supra. The A (previously called GR700A) stands for Aluminum bellhousing, as this kit comes with the Grannas Racing cast aluminum bellhousing. This bell is superior for a street car as it is far superior at dampening noise. It also has a large inspection hole which makes servicing a release bearing much easier.

The kit is also available with a Quicktime Steel SFI safety spec bellhousing for racing applications.

This kit was designed for the Tremec T56 Magnum-F and includes bell housing of choice, Grannas Racing multi-position offset shifter, chromoly transmission crossmember, bluetooth wiring harness, and all hardware required. Driveshafts and clutches are optional, but recommended to make this an easy bolt-in experience. There is NO CORE charge for our transmission kits.

The wiring harness we include makes for a super clean and simple wiring job. But not only that, but it has a bluetooth module with you can play with the settings such as reverse lockout control, and convert and adjust the T56 speed signal to make the factory speedometer work perfectly. No more need to cut down the reverse lockout spring or wire in a manual reverse unlock switch, this will auto unlock reverse under a set MPH (defaults to 4mph)! All of the settings are all adjustable through your smart phone with an app, and will hold the settings permanently after set.

If you add up the cost on all these parts, you will see that I am matching prices with big name speed shops like Summit and Jegs. Not only do I match big box store pricing but I put it all together in a one-stop-shop package deal and also provide you with the little details they don't... like proper hardware for EVERYTHING, down to every last nut and bolt, we pride ourselves in giving making this a true complete package. We aslo trim the transmission case and install the shifter on all complete kit purchases. We are not just drop shipping an item and taking my cut of profit like these big name stores. Oh, and did I mention we have actual product support as well, with more knowledge and technical know-how than you will get anywhere else! Try calling Summit/Jegs and asking for help on your import car!

The stock tremec Magnum-F is rated at 700 ft lbs of torque. These T56 Magnum transmissions are FREAKISHLY strong and will outlast any other street car transmission available. Everything I build is tested rigorously in my racing program, so you can rest assured what you get is going to install beautifully, work flawlessly, and be durable... No one else pushes these parts to the level I do! You can rest assured all parts go through my quality control and abused to test the limits of these TREMEC transmissions!

In 2016, I built and tested the first Supra T56 Magnum kit in my own car to be a direct replacement for my broken Getrag V160. We all know the V160 is a great transmission, but V160 parts have become impossible to find. Rather than risk breaking your transmission and not being able to repair it, I suggest swapping to this setup and put your V160 away for safe keeping. The Getrag transmission will continue to gain value as parts become even more scarce, but repair costs will also climb with the decreased parts availability.

These transmissions have great aftermarket support, aftermarket racing gearsets, and parts readily available for when you ruin a synchro or break a gear tooth. We have upgrades for BIG power street cars (GR1200) and Orange Man Bad spec race boxes (GR1500) as well.

Our bolt-in kit includes:

    • Bellhousing of your choice 
    • Full chromoly transmission crossmember
    • Grannas Racing Rubber mount for street cars. Steel bell kits get prothane polyurethane mounts
    • Grannas Racing billet offset shifter, moves the shift point back and places shift point perfectly in tunnel. SEE PICS!
    • All hardware required
    • Includes bluetooth wiring harness
      • I recommend the "close ratio" TUET16362 - 2.66, 1.78, 1.30, 1.00, .80, .63 but i can also get this in "wide ratio" TUET16363 - 2.97, 2.10, 1.46, 1.00, .74, .50
      • Driveshafts are available in aluminum and carbon fiber for almost any rear end combination.

    All transmission builds are created from brand new TREMEC T56 Magnum-F's, NO USED transmissions EVER. These are then built to your specs. Choose the power level you need. 

    This is a brand new T56 Magnum-F direct from the Tremec factory, and I match the big box store prices. You can buy from me and get real experience or try calling the big name stores with your swap tech questions and see what kind of service you get! Read more here: GR700 Transmission

    New for 2023 "GR1000 v2", the BIG POWER street car box. We take a brand new Magnum-F Trans and give it a full REM polishing treatment of the gear set. We do a 1st thru 6th carbon fiber blocker ring upgrade. Then include upgraded aerospace polymer Fork Pads on all forks. Also includes internal mechanical oil pump for oil circulation. Read more here: GR1200 Transmission

    Dog engagement race box, not recommended for street cars. The same transmission that we run in our world record "ORANGE MAN BAD" Supra, which has gone 6.6x and 220+mph in the quarter mile. We take a brand new Magnum-F Trans and faceplate 1st-4th gears. Includes custom billet shift forks, bronze fork pads, and then do a rem polishing on the gearset. Read more here: GR1500 Transmission  



    The OEM MKIV Supra MANUAL tunnel does not require any tunnel modification other than minor tapping by the reverse lockout solenoid.

    If you are buying this kit WITHOUT a transmission (not recommended) then you will need to trim the front plate of the trans to clear the tunnel and also send me your tremec core shifter back in for updates to the billet offset shifter.

    If you are converting a factory automatic car it will require some trimming of the tunnel since it sits a lot lower, and I recommend my Supra Manual Conversion Tunnel Cover product I sell (works on both RHD and LHD cars). I also have OEM pedal assemblies and interior panels/shift boots for both RHD and LHD conversions. 

    PLEASE NOTE: The T56 Magnum transmission is a double overdrive gearset. So the gearing is quite a bit different than the factory V160, therefore the factory 220mm 6speed rear gearing will be too TALL (3.13). The TT auto and NA gearing is much better. The best and easiest solution is to use the OEM 200mm rear which is 3.76, 4.08 or 4.27. All three of these ratios work well with the Magnum swap. The 4.08 would put you pretty close to an exact match to the V160 gearing. The other option is to swap to a Ford 8.8" kit, or Ford 9" Kit.

    More info on gear ratios can be found on this page I created T56 Magnum vs V160. The absolute best rear ratio is 4.10 which makes this transmissions gearing identically match the V160 gearing.