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Tremec T56 Magnum 6060 Supra 2JZ Swap


100% Bolt-in Kits are now available for the Supra, IS300, SC300 and Mazda RX7!!!

T56 Magnum aka TR-6060 mated up to a 2JZ Toyota Supra


The V160 is discontinued, and now so are most of the parts. Even the synchronizer hubs, which is a common wear part for anyone that has one of these transmissions. So now what do we do? Well, we all need a replacement.


Dare I say it, get a better transmission than the Getrag V160!? The goal is to get better power handling, quicker/smoother shifts, and get this trans to fit up perfectly so its a bolt-on affair. There are some hurdles right now to make this happen, but that is my mission, to provide the Supra/2JZ community with a valid replacement for the V160 that just may no longer be tenable due to lack of parts and availability. If everything works as expected I will sell this setup with bellhousing, transmission mount, billet shifter relocation, and possibly the driveshaft as well.


So here it is, the best possible replacement for the V160. This transmission is called the Tremec T56 Magnum in the aftermarket realm. In production it is referred to as the TR-6060, which is the factory transmission in the C6 corvettes, and 2010+ Camaros, and some Mustangs. This thing is a monster! It's rated at 700 foot pounds of torque capacity. The V160 was only rated at 375 foot pounds, which many have proven that rating wrong, but it gives me high hopes for this transmissions capability.

The shift throws are ultra-short, and super smooth. This transmission seems to really be a viable V160 replacement.


This is one of the hurdles I will have to overcome. The shifter location is not ideal, all of the Magnum trans offerings shift locations do not mate up well to the supra location. Therefore, I am working on a billet shifter relocation.


Right now, I have only researched the Tilton clutch. Those of you who have a tilton carbon or other multiplate 7.25" clutch will we able to swap to this transmission with inexpensive hub change and new throw-out bearing. I will provide part numbers to anyone who is interested in the swap kit.


This should be the easiest part, and also one of the best features. The output of the T56 Magnum is a spline shaft, therefore it takes a simple slip yoke to attach. Those that have experience with the V160 Driveshaft Shop aluminum adapter setup will be happy to hear this. I absolutely hate that adapter, and will welcome a slip yoke with open arms!


The only downside to this transmission that I have found is the gearing is quite different than the V160. Compare the available gear ratios in the chart below. Notice that the V160 is 1:1 in 5th, where as the T56 Magnum is 1:1 in 4th. This is because the most of the domestic side cars run a lower/shorter rear gear, they have more torque at lower rpm because of their V8 engines. So for us, to really take advantage of this transmission would require changing the rear gear. For those that have the 9" rear in the car, this is a non-issue, but for the stock rear guys this will be a hurdle to overcome as no one makes aftermarket gears.

V160 Gearing Tremec Wide Ratio  Tremec Close Ratio
1st 3.827 2.97 2.66
2nd 2.360 2.10 1.78
3rd 1.685 1.46 1.30
4th 1.312 1:1 1:1
5th 1:1 .74 .80
6th .793 .5 .62


For my car I went with the close ratio, as the gearing is most similar to the V160 when combined with the proper final drive ratio (rear gear).


The T56 Magnum has dual speed sensors. I have not yet to put the time into researching adapting this to the toyota speedometer but I am sure it will achievable.


So the question on everyone's mind here is probably cost. It will be less than a V160. The transmission itself is around $3000. The bellhousing is around $650. So, shifter is yet to be determined but it will be a pretty trick billet unit, with dual ball-in-socket joints. I would estimate around $750 on the shifter, and maybe $250 for the transmission mount. So more than likely right around $4700. Driveshaft and electronics would be additional options.


I cannot say for sure at this point whether or not this is going to be the end all solution, whether it's all going to work, and whether this trans will get me closer to my goals, but it sure does seem like it. It's going to take a decent amount of custom work to get this to be a "kit" but I think it will be worth it for all of us. Stay tuned for more info as I progress on this build.

Also don't expect me to give away every detail of this setup. My time and investment into this is not free. So if you don't like that I won't give you every piece of information I worked to get, then just go ahead and do this yourself. Take the risk! Buy a transmission hoping it will work... then make the parts and do the work to get it to fit. 

100% Bolt-in Kits are now available for the Supra, IS300, SC300 and Mazda RX7!!!