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How much will your V160 rebuild cost?

supra getrag v160 rebuild service replacement gears synchros

Sometimes you just have to sit back and laugh... and don't take this the wrong way, because the V160 is a great transmission, BUT is it worth the money required to continue running one?

What is your V160 rebuild going to cost you when you hurt a gear? How does $750 PER GEAR sound!!? That's a ton of money for just the gear, not even including synchros. What about a countershaft, normally when you hurt a gear it also hurts the teeth on the countershaft as well... is someone going to make an aftermarket countershaft? If someone does make it... think of the $$$ that will cost! That is a TON of programming and cycle time on a CNC machine. The factory part WAS $600... imagine what the aftermarket equivalent will cost! Between rebuild costs, gear costs, synchros, you will have as much into a rebuild as getting a brand new Magnum transmission!

You will need to sell your dick and one ball to cover the aftermarket replacement costs on a V160 countershaft, which is about 18" long. 

v160 countershaft

It's time to face the music, unfortunately the V160 is going to be nothing but a money pit. And let's get something straight here, we are talking about a transmission... We are not talking about swapping out the 2J. You don't see guys crying about swapping out the stock auto for a TH400. Why? Because the TH400 is a proven transmission that can hold more power. You don't see people crying if someone swaps their 200mm diff to a Ford 9" rear to hold more power! 

So, why not swap out the V160 for something that is readily available, can be rebuilt cheaply and easily (Gears are $149!), and also hold all the power you can throw at it! Oh, and did I mention there are tons of aftermarket possibilities with the transmission? Sequential shifters, dogbox gearsets, faceplating options, different ratios available.

Here is a GR700 installed in a Lexus IS300

Did I mention the T56 Magnum has the highest factory torque rating of any six speed EVER built. Did I mention I haven't broken a gear in one yet, and I make 2000HP. I think you know my record when it comes to the V160 gears... I do not take it easy on my transmissions. And hell, I am putting more power through this GR1000 transmission than I ever put through the V160... 200WHP more to be exact.

Here is a replacement T56 Mag gear. Only $149 and readily available!

Yes, there are a few downsides. The stock 3.13 six-speed rear rear ratio is just way too low for this Magnum gearing. The ideal ratio for a magnum to almost identically match it to the V160 gearing is 4.10 -- how does one accomplish this? You can get away with the easiest route, swapping to the Auto TT rear (3.69). It is closer to ideal and still fun to drive, but there are some other options. If you aren't making much power, the NA rear is 4.08, which is perfect... but power handling will be the issue. For me, if you want a reliable setup, the Ford 9" swap or cheaper relative Ford 8.8" is the best solution. I am working on a Ford 8.8 Swap Kit now, it will be a full swap kit with axles and driveshaft, and should be somewhere around $3000 total!

Just like the Magnum transmission, Ford 8.8" and Ford 9" replacement parts are readily available and CHEAP. Also many many gear ratios available for both aftermarket diffs... with the Toyota you get 2 gear ratio options. Also the Toyota ring and pinion is $1500, if its even still available. So what happens if you break that as well? It will be the same story as the V160! 

ford 8.8 gear ratios

So, why T56 Magnum? The benefits far outweigh the few negatives! 

  1. Torque rating. Stock T56 MAGNUM torque rating is 700WHP in a 4000LB car. Lighter cars would naturally decrease stress and therefore increase the overall torque rating. You do the math, 3500# car, 500lbs is 12.5% more torque handling...
  2. Using my bolt in swap kits, this transmission can be installed with minimal pain. If you want an expert to do it, bring it to Pennsylvania and I can do the install. I can also recommend other qualified shops if you are too far away!
  3. Availability of CHEAP rebuild parts. Gears are $149, forks $79, sychro sets $129, countershafts $499, input shafts $299. I put them out on my website just to illustrate.
  4. Availability of shops to rebuild. These are used in many cars, mustangs, camaros, etc... so lot's of domestic shops to rebuild them. No more relying on a few good people, and spending big money because of the rarity.
  5. Availability of aftermarket support. Sequential, aftermarket gearsets, etc etc! In my case I have both a GR1000 and a GR1000F that I use.