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Supra T56 Magnum Swap - 2JZ Quicktime Steel SFI bellhousing vs CRS aluminum bellhousing

When I first started testing a T56 magnum I used an Australian made aluminum bellhousing. It worked well, and was a little bit cheaper than the Steel bellhousings offered in the USA. I also thought that the aluminum bellhousing would be much lighter, which is good for what I am doing... but recently I found that is not really the case. It is a only 2.8 lbs lighter than the steel bell.

Here is the weights of the quicktime bell vs the CRS aluminum bell.
2JZ t56 swap bellhousings

Also shipping these CRS bellhousings the whole way from Australia pretty much kills the price savings over the Quicktime bells. So, I decided to try a quicktime bellhousing in my car... and I gotta say I am overall very impressed.

On the lift:
toyota supra t56 magnum grannas racing swap tr6060

The quality is great, and the weight is not that much greater than the aluminum bell. And its SFI-approved for racing. The bell is tapped steel, versus tapped aluminum, so you don't have to worry about stripping threads. The steel is much stronger than the cast aluminum as well. So really, the pros of using a Quicktime bell now outweigh the cons, and I will be transitioning all of my kits over to use the Quicktime bellhousing.  

Here is my GR1000 kit installed on my 1994 Toyota Supra:
t56 magnum supra 2jz swap tr6060

If you already bought a CRS bellhousing I do offer an CRS option for the MKIV Supra crossmember as well as the IS300 crossmember.

t56 magnum mount crossmember supra 2jz mkiv

So there are only a few downsides to the Quicktime bellhousing, but I put together a remedy for that. First, they do not include proper hardware for the block. The bolts I got were not the large fine thread metric bolts the 2JZ block requires. So, an easy fix. I will provide the proper bolts if you purchase the bell from me. Second, the quicktime bell does not provide a pilot bearing for the T56 magnum input shaft. I have sourced these and will also include that with a purchase. Lastly quicktime bell hits the tunnel at the 10 o'clock position, but it is a 5 minute fix with an angle grinder.

Here are the bolts included from quicktime that were not correct, and the only bolts I had were too long for this test fit. I had to order short 1.5" 12x1.25 thread bolts since they are an odd size.
bolts for t56 magnum swap supra

Rather than hammering the tunnel, I also chose to grind down the bellhousing where the clearance was a little tight. If you are looking at the rear of the bellhousing this is around the 10-o'clock position. 
bellhousing modifications t56 magnum swap quicktime bellhousing supra 2jz

Here is the bellhousing after the cutting/grinding.
cut bellhousing t56 magnum quicktime supra 2jz swap tr6060

Here it is after the cutting and re-install (before raising the motor up to level)
quicktime steel 2jz bellhousing supra t56 magnum t56 swap

Here you can see the proper size sealed pilot bearing I include with my kits. This is not provided by Quicktime or CRS with their bells.
Supra T56 Magnum swap pilot bearing 2JZ tr6060

Other than those few issues this bellhousing installs quite easily. If you are looking to swap your Supra, IS300 or other 2JZ car and looking for a kit or an install email me.

Here are my kits:

Recommended for applications making 500-800RWHP
Recommended for applications making OVER  800 RWHP
Recommended for applications making over 1000 RWHP
Recommended for race applications making over 1000 RWHP