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13B and 20B Rotary T56 Magnum swap kits for the FD3S - Updates

After test fitting a Tremec Magnum-F, along with some other R&D on the FD3S rotary chassis, I have updated my current rotary T56 Magnum kits to now only use the manual version bellhousing going forward.

The manual version bellhousing uses an FC3S starter, which mounts rearward towards the transmission. This setup works better for all applications and makes it simpler to manage on my end. This also was done out of necessity, due to the most 20B swaps engine mounts not allowing the automatic starter to fit at all.

The manual version bellhousing will fit both an auto rear plate or manual rear plate, so it only makes sense to do one kit.

The only downside to this style kit is the fact I have to take extra time to machine the magnum trans case to be able to fit the starter. This adds some extra labor costs, but in the end you end up with a beautiful bolt-in kit. See the pictures below showing where I machine the magnum case.

Here is a video of the installed transmission:


The only bad news, is during this recent R&D I found that the new Magnum-F transmission does not fit well in the FD3S chassis behind the rotary motor. Unfortunately, even though the magnum-F shifter is further back, it still does not sit back far enough, and you would have to cut your tunnel at the front of the shifter hole to clear (see pic below of me trying to test fit a Magnum-F in the FD3S).

Magnum-F Mazda RX-7 FD3S RX7 FC3S Rotary 13B 20B LS1 LS3 LS swap

Tremec T56 Magnum-F Magnum FD3S RX7 fitment tunnel LS LS1 LS3 LS7 swap T56

The downside to this is an extension shifter will still be required. There is no sense in paying the extra money for a Magnum-F, and then still pay for and have to run an extension shifter on top of that. It is cheaper to run the regular magnum and billet relocation shifter setup (Sikky).

Questions or want pricing on a complete setup? Feel free to contact me - I prefer email

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GR700 T56 Magnum 6-speed swap kit for the Mazda FD3S RX-7

You might have seen videos of my 2JZ swapped FD3S... But this will be the first time you will see it since I did the GR700 transmission kit swap.

I have heard people saying these magnums shift clunky, and that the T56 cannot handle RPM. I made this video specifically for those people. I shift my RX7 at around 8k with no issues, and I shift my white Supra at north of 10,000RPM. So anyone that says these cannot handle RPM does not know what they are talking about. With a properly setup clutch these transmissions shift flawlessly. Also, as you can see in this video the transmission shifts super smooth, with very short throws. I think my RX7 shifts better now than it ever did with the V160! The throw is 1/3 the length, and it engages very easily even at high rpm.

The GR700 for the FD3s is a new product I created and is available to anyone with a 2JZ swapped FD3S Rx7, specifically setup for the tech2 subframe. I can also work with other subframes if you can provide dimensions.

Grannas Racing T56 Magnum Swap FD3S RX7 GR700

About my car:

I am using a Tech2 subframe to mount the 2JZ, and the motor itself is a mild build. I am running a "budget" motor which is shelf Eagle rods and JE pistons, stock crank, and an unported head with HKS 272 cams. The rear is a Samberg 8.8 IRS with 4.30 gearing.

The car makes around 650whp on pump gas at 18psi, and about 740whp on E85 at 26psi. I have always ran a V160 in this car, but with parts becoming scarce I wanted to sell it before I had any sort of issue with it. The logical choice was to swap it to one of my GR700 T56 Magnum kits. These trans have tons of aftermarket support, a super strong gearset, and can handle RPM well.

The car has gone 9.6 in the quarter mile and trapped a best of 153. It is a fun all around street car. No cage, no rollbar. I am excited to take it back to the track and see what it will do with the GR700 in the car.

Grannas Racing RX7 FD3S GR700 T56 Magnum

Here is the video of my car running around the streets with GR700 Magnum.

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